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1. Pre sale service

1). Accept your technical inquiries at any time.

2) organize technical discussions and discuss your equipment requirements.

3). Provide you with a detailed equipment plan. Including: (domestic and foreign related equipment of the latest technology, GMP process design, plant water and electrical layout, related product configuration, spare parts, packaging and sub quotations).

2. Service in the sale

1) always keep in touch with you, invite customers to inspect the company and supervise the production and assembly.

2) prepare equipment specification, file card and tracking card and other related software to accept your acceptance at any time.

3) regularly report the progress of production to customers.

4) free installation and commissioning for domestic customers, and on-site training and guidance for operation and maintenance. (Note: foreign customers are required to pay for all round-trip air tickets and room and board expenses to your country.

3. After sales service (according to international after-sales service standard)

1). Guarantee one year, life-long service.

2). (domestic customers) arrive at the designated location within 2-36 hours after receiving the customer's notice, ensure that the fault is handled in time.

(foreign customers) will be paid by our customers as soon as possible after payment of our staff, round-trip air tickets and accommodation.

3) our spare parts library will be ready for long term, easy to consume and spare parts, and will respond to customers for the first time.

4) regularly visit each customer, record the equipment files, and provide users with all necessary technical assistance and support at all times.

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