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GXP drum washing machine series Drum type ultrasonic bottle washing machine: It can meet the cleaning needs of 20-500ml round bottles or non-standard shaped bottles. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, food and beverage and other fields.  Bottle comes into the washing machine under the effect of the bottle turntable, first into the ultrasonic tank for ultrasonic bath rough wash, and then into the fine wash track, 2 times water wash 1 time gas flush or 3 times water wash 1 time gas flush will make bottle dry and clean, meet the needs of mass production. 型号适用规格产量/分钟整机功率电源/电压气源耗气量GXP-6020-500ML35-601KW220v/380v0.4-0.6Mpa0.3M³/minGXP-C-6020-500ML35-602.5KW220v/380v0.4-0.6Mpa0.3M³/minSGXP-10020-100ML60-1001.5KW220v/380v0.4-0.6Mpa0.5M³/minSGXP-C-10020-100ML60-1003....
JCXP- Cage Ultrasonic Bottle Washer Series Overview:This machine can automatically complete the procedures of bottle handling, ultrasonic cleaning, rough washing, fine washing and bottle-out, etc., meets GMP requirements. The frequency of the ultrasonic wave is adjustable, and the bottle is sanitized at an appropriate frequency, the dirt on bottle is all peeled off when rough wash. During the fine washing, the bottle is flipped and flushed with high-pressure water and gas. The bottle is flipped with rail type, no broken bottle, and the bottle is continuously in and out, which has high efficiency. The machine can be used alone or connected in a whole production line. It is frequency control, easy to operate. Its made of high-quality stainless steel, with high output, low noise, easy ma...
JCP-80 Clip Bottle Washing Machine  Overview:    This machine is a combination of our company's years of experience in the production of liquid production lines, combined with the advantages of similar models at home and abroad, and developed according to customer process requirements. It is suitable for blow cleaning of glass bottles and high-strength plastic bottles. It can be used for cleaning bottles of different bottle types, diameters and heights. It is suitable for ultrasonic and high-pressure purging of food, medicine, cosmetics and chemical product packaging. This machine is mainly composed of bottle clamping belt, conveyor belt, ultrasonic cleaning water tank (optional), water circulation pump (optional), water vapor rinsing system and water...
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