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Rotary bottle ordering machineModel: ZLP SeriesOverview:This machine is auxiliary equipment for the production line. Its main functions are bottle storage, bottle management and automatic bottle feeding. The machine is powered by mechanical gears, has a stainless steel appearance, runs smoothly, and reduces the labor intensity of workers.modeltable diametersvoltagepowerweightdimensionZLP-700700220V150W100KG750*1100*950ZLP-800800220V150W120KG850*1200*950ZLP-100010003 phases220V/380V260W150KG1050*1500*950ZLP-120012003 phases220v/380v350W200KG1250*1650*950
XL swash plate type bottle machine series Overview:The disorganized bottles are sent to the next process by a special mechanical device (without compressed air) and the bottle mouth is uniformly upward. When the next process is lack of bottle, the unscramble automatically delivers the bottles to ensure the continuity of the whoe line operation. The bottle is automatically stopped when the next process blocks. The device has a photoelectric detection function, so that the entire equipment operation is reliable and stable. For different bottle size, only need to adjust the corresponding template. The equipment is easy to operate and the normal worker can master it. The product meets GMP requirements.modelSuitable bottlespeedplate diameterpowervoltageweightdimensionXLP-T-120plastic bottl...
PGLP-200 belt type high speed bottle machine Overview:PGLP series high-speed bottle unscramble is one of the plastic bottle filling production line equipment. Due to the high speed, the machine can be matched with various high-speed production lines. It can also supply bottles to two production lines at the same time via a lane conveyor.The machine uses the latest advanced technology. Bottle supplying is fast and smooth. For different specifications of the bottle, only by the replacing of the bottle turntable (do not have to replace if small difference), adjusting the bottle transfer channel.The machine is equipped with a bottle storage bin, which can store about 4,000 plastic bottles of Φ40×75 60ml. The bottle lifting mechanism automatically starts or stops the bottle lifting me...
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